Monday, February 7, 2011

Enter Helena - The Perfect Weapon

noun [wep-uhn]
1.  any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat.

Tecmo has created what I think is the perfect fighting game character, and that character is Helena from DOA4. The proper pronunciation is actually "Elena," but I think most of us North American players are used to saying it with the "H." She is a French Opera Singer that uses the fighting style Pi Qua Quan.

In my opinion, I would have to say she is the best character in the game. Though it can be debated that Hyabusa and Gen Fu are better, Helena has too many powerful tools to be denied her top spot. Helena is one of the more difficult characters to play with due to her bigger move list and harder to maximize her full potential. One thing about Helena players is that you will never see two Helena players that play the same. Helena has a very versatile play style seeing as she has very strong offensive and defensive tools. She has 3 different fighting stances: Her default Forward Facing stance, Back Turned Stace (BT), and the always popular Bokuho Stance (BKO). I've seen quite a few games to where characters have multiple stances, but those stances would consist of useless technology. All of Helena's stances are VERY useful. 

The trick to maximizing her full potential is to use attacks and setups that leave her in either BKO or BT. This will open up even more moves from those stances to your disposal for more combos, setups, and devastating throw mix-ups. Helena's BKO Stance is by far one of the most powerful tools in the game. PERIOD. Two very dirty tactics come from BKO Stance. First, the BKO throw (BKO f+p). Not only do you have the option of a good juggle from this throw, you also have the option of doing Untechable setups that leads you to even more options. The best ways to perform these Untechables after the BKO throw is 1kk or 1k(2),4k
1kk leaves you standing after you tech the opponent up. From this move, you have an opportunity to do a really good Uncounterable attack by using 4p2p. From the 1kk Untechable after BKO throw, 4p2p cannot be countered or beaten out. I think you can counter the second punch in the string, but you rarely see it because you have to be strict with the timing. This is a great way to bait out a deep stun if they hit a button. Your opponents only option is to stand there and block. Even if they block 4p2p you are left at neutral on block.

The second Untechable setup I recommend is 1k(2),4k. This setup will leave you in BKO stance. From that point you can go into a variety of moves from BKO to keep them guessing. You can also just loop them and BKO throw again. Rinse, repeat. 

Now for that second dirty tactic from BKO stance.... BKO Duck! You perform this duck while in BKO stance by pressing Down repeatedly. What this does is duck under ALL high attacks and ALL mid attacks! I can't stress this enough how much you should be abusing the BKO duck. Such a good way to open up your opponent and scare them. You are only vulnerable to low attacks and low throws. USE THIS AT ALL COSTS! 

My top 10 Helena Moves:
1.) BKO Throw
2.) pkk
3.) 9k
4.) 2f+k
5.) p+k
6.) 33p
7.) 66p
8.) BKO 6p
9.) 214 f+p 
10.) BKO 4k

I will elaborate why I use these moves in my next blog.

So with that being said, your game plan with Helena is to scare your opponent with BKO throw, BKO duck, mix-ups, stuns, etc. BKO throw should be your main tool because that causes a great mix-up. Her mix-ups are low risk/high reward, so don't second guess yourself when using Helena. You just have to go with the flow. Keep reading future posts because I will def go deeper in the mind of a Helena player.

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