Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Match Analyzer #2 (Pre-Release Edition!)

It has been too damn long, but the Kill Blog is back! With the new DOA5 coming out, time to get back on the Helena grind. I thought I'd do a breakdown of the recently released Helena reveal video. From what I can see from the video and from what I read, Helena is def nerfed a bit. In the video, there was still some stuff that I did like though. Fighting Game players have the tendency to say a character is bad by ONLY looking at all their negatives and completely disregard the positives. Let me break it down in my perspective and what I saw in this video:

@ 0:15 - 0:21
First thing I notice is that she still has her KKK string. They seem a little bit slower, but might be due to the game overall being slower. These were some of her better pokes in DOA4 and used for interrupting. The kicks were unsafe, but you can delay them for so long, that the opponent has to respect the followups. Right after the KK string, Helena went right into BKO throw. It still seems pretty fast and useful. The combo that was used after the BKO throw consisted of a new string. (Looks like from her 8P) I kinda like what I see from this combo because Helena recovers pretty fast from it and it looks like you can continue the pressure afterwards. I just like the position that Helena is in after ending the BKO throw combo. (Especially after Lisa teched backwards, which means she can't wake up kick) Now one can only assume that the untechable setup from BKO throw is gone. That was her main tool in DOA4. As of right now, I'm not too worried about it being gone because there were other ways to use BKO throw setups without the untechable and make them get up and still apply pressure. I think that new combo might just add another option to do the trick.

@ 0:26 - 0:31:
Here we see her old BNB BKO throw combo. This was the other option from DOA4 when you didn't want to go for the untechable setup and just wanted damage, and it still seems like it does good damage. Right after the combo in the video, I see Helena still has 66K. In DOA4, the full string was 66KPP (Low, Low, Mid) and you can go into BT stance or BKO Stance from the 66K. I'm glad to see this move back in the game because it was one of my favorites. Now with 66P being unsafe in DOA5, this might be one of the alternative options of getting in with her now. Though I have to say that even on NH, 66K obviously didn't leave Helena at much advantage, so be careful with this move.

@ 0:42:
BKO Sweep is still in the game and it still looks fast. This was the best sweep in DOA4 and I am glad to see that it is still intact. What made this sweep so good was, not only was it fast, but it stunned from tip range and tripped up close. Also on CH, it trips from any range. You can stay into BKO after the sweep and keep looping it if you wanted. One of her key mix up tools and I'm just gonna assume that this will be a good step killer.

@ 0:49:
In DOA5, I wonder how good 1PP is gonna be. Will it kill step? Will it be a Natural Combo? I hope so!

@ 1:19:
Well, 2F+K is still in the game and still looks like an amazing move. It still gives off that deep stun and leaves you into BKO. That's that stuff I do like!

@ 1:26:
And here we have a new string to play around with. (Looks like from her 33P) On block, I think it gives you slight advantage and puts you into BKO Stance. What caught my eye is how fast Helena was able to cancel out of BKO Stance. She recovered pretty fast from this new string. This string might have potential. I want to see what it does on hit.

@ 1:34:
Here we have another new string. (From her 3P) Damage didn't look too impressive. Maybe there is a use for this string, but I'm not sold just yet.

@ 1:40:
Wow, her SS Kick Attack is her BKO Sweep. This is gonna be a real good option after stepping an attack because you will more than likely get the CH trip, leaving you in a great position for mix ups.

@ 1:58:
Glad to see 33P still stuns.

@ 2:08 - 2:11:
I see she does still have the P followup after 33P for the launcher. (33PP) They might have replaced her other followup (33P4P) with that new string from 33P I was talking about earlier... Good, because 33P4P was not that great. So anyways, after Lisa got launched, we notice one of Helena's nerfs. PP2KP got removed from the game... it was her main BNB combo ender. It was good because it juggled every weight class in the game when you didn't get a high enough launcher. Now I see that Helena players will have to resort back to DOA2U BNB combos with PPP or PPK from launches that aren't high.

@ 2:22:
And here is her Power Blow attack from her 4P+K to end the match.

Yes, Helena got nerfed a bit, but it isn't all doom and gloom. Some of her best tools are still in the game and still works the same, and even a couple of new tools as well. The things that will make her not AS STRONG anymore is: The fact that she is more unsafe, Her evasion from BKO won't be as strong, and one can only assume that she will be linear. Even if she is linear though, BKO Sweep should be a good step killer. Pretty much from what I gathered, you will have to put in a lot more work trying to win with her. It's work that just might payoff in the long run. I think the key strategy that the rest of the Helena players are gonna have to start adapting is: Stun opponent and go into BT Stance or BKO Stance, and you can't be as reckless with your attacks anymore because SS is good in this game.

I'll be back with more Helena DOA5 info as it becomes more available.


Video courtesy of TecmoKoei

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